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If no text is selected, deletes the character to the right of the text cursor.This is useful for things that need to provide a default value but do not start out knowing what the default should be (perhaps it depends on other fields on the form).

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The event parameter is used to obtain the position where the mouse cursor was when the event was generated.A space character, the default character for a blank, is needed for cases where a character is permitted but not required.Since you can place the cursor anywhere in the QLineEdit even if there is no text. QLineEdit: Set cursor location to beginning on. is not a slot /// Resets.

QLineEdit::Password 2 Display asterisks instead of the characters actually entered.

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If no text is selected, deletes the character to the left of the text cursor and moves the cursor one position to the left.

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entry = QLineEdit (win). Then, we need to create a slot function to be called when the current item. and should set the entry's text to the text of the current...How to make QPushButtons to add text into QLineEdit box? for. ui->lineEdit->setText(ui->lineEdit. connect(ui->button01, SIGNAL(clicked(QString)), this, SLOT.This property holds whether the line edit draws itself with a frame.

See also validator (), QIntValidator, QDoubleValidator, and QRegExpValidator.If you want to customize the context menu, reimplement this function.

This signal is emitted when the Return or Enter key is pressed.void QLineEdit::cut [slot] Copies the selected text to the clipboard and deletes it, if there is any,. by calling setText(). void QLineEdit::textEdited.Sets the margins around the text inside the frame to have the sizes left, top, right, and bottom.

Copies the selected text to the clipboard, if there is any, and if echoMode () is Normal.

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Each of these frames contains a button for one of the slots the QLineEdit class declares. (this, &LineEditFrame::pushText, lineEdit, &QLineEdit::setText); }.

#include <QObject> #include <QApplication> #include

Use only the definition in the header and put the implementation in your source file.You can change the text with setText() or insert(). [slot] void QLineEdit:: undo Undoes the last operation if undo is available.

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This enum type describes how a line edit should display its contents.

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1 protected slot inherited from QWidget;. When passing a QString to the constructor or calling setText(),. QLineEdit * phoneEdit = new QLineEdit.Problem with QLineEdit settext(). if I set it calling the slot function directly within the class in which it exists and if I signal it from another class.Hello, from the manual of QLineEdit textEdit(): But still this signal seems to be called when using the backspace() (or del()) method. How come? If the.All version of the connect function where not present in QObject at the same time, so older user are generally using the form with 4 arguments.Store QLineEdit's data into a QString upon a QPushButton click. signals in a custom way that's more than connecting an existing signal to an existing slot,.. #ifndef QLINEEDIT_H #define QLINEEDIT. chr ) const; public slots: virtual void setText( const QString.

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ok merci, maintenant ça compill mais par contre ça ne fonctionne pas, j'appui sur GO (le slot est bien fait je pense) mais rien ne se passe comme si le slot était.

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