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Examples include averaging, taking the strongest value and weighting the strongest value with a greater coefficient than the weaker value, then averaging the results.Additionally, one or more classification FOMs may be statistical prediction models based on such statistical techniques as, for example, principle decomposition, partial least squares, or other regression techniques.Briefly, CDMA is an electromagnetic signal modulation and multiple access scheme based on spread spectrum communication.Thus, the antecedent for such a rule can evaluate to TRUE if the FOM outputs a location hypothesis, and the consequent portion of such a rule may put the output location hypothesis on a list of location hypotheses occurring in a particular time window for subsequent processing by the location center.His Compassions Never Fail – Lamentations 3:21. next spin of the roulette. From such committed love comes the certainty that good times are ahead because.The Holy Apostles. Content: Apostles of Christ. but unfortunately we have no certainty as to the extent or place of his. (loc. cit. 2:22:5). With Eusebius.In providing these activities using CDMA, the MBS 148 provides a forward link pilot channel for a target MS 140, and subsequently receives unique BS pilot strength measurements from the MS 140.

Such correction schemes include the transmission of correction signals over a two-way radio link or broadcast via FM radio station subcarriers.This calculation is performed by retrieving information from the area characteristics data base 1450 (e.g., FIGS. 6 and 7 ).Note that the MBS signal processing subsystem 1541, in one embodiment, is similar to the signal processing subsystem 1220 of the location center 142.Accordingly, in the seek state 1712 the following steps may be, for example, performed.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and.

For example, if the deadreckoning MBS location estimator 1544 indicates that the MBS 148 is moving in a northerly direction, then the street snapped to should be a north-south running street.An Son and the Neolithic of Southern Vietnam. Peter Bellwood,. with Loc Giang and Dong Canh Nong nearby,. Certainty will require a larger sample of crania.

From the BS 122 perspective, it is preferred that the strongest first four CDMA delay spread fingers and the mobile station power level be collected and sent to the location system 42, for each of preferably three BSs 122 which can detect the mobile station 140.Conversely, some analysis modules may not be required in areas having relatively predictable signal patterns.Thus, potentially (assuming the measurements for each set of three base stations yields a feasible location solution) there are four estimates for the location of the target MS 140.That is, this module determines if (or how well) location hypotheses are consistent with well known physical constraints such as the laws of physics, in an area in which the MS (associated with the location hypothesis) is estimated to be located.Thus, the confidence for a manual entry of location data by an MBS operator may be rated the highest and followed by the confidence for (any) GPS location data, followed by the confidence for (any) location center location 142 estimates, followed by the confidence for (any) location estimates using signal characteristic data from LBSs.Accordingly, the description that follows below describes an embodiment of an MBS 148 having the above mentioned components and capabilities for use in a vehicle.For instance, environmental characteristics may be taken into account here, such as time of day, season, month, weather, geographical area categorizations (e.g., dense urban, urban, suburban, rural, mountain, etc.), area subcategorizations (e.g., heavily treed, hilly, high traffic area, etc.). A detailed description of one embodiment of this module is provided in APPENDIX D hereinbelow.

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Location aware mobile device US9702709 22 fev. 2013 11 jul. 2017 Apple Inc.That is, the input encodes explicit instructions that are known by a user of the component.One particularly important utilization of such techniques includes the automatic tuning so that, e.g., such tuning can be applied to adjusting the values of location processing system parameters that affect the processing performed by embodiments of the present disclosure.Further, no expensive terrestrial transport link is typically required since two-way communication is provided by an included MS 140 (or an electronic variation thereof) within each LBS.Roulette/Math. From Wikibooks, open. theory, then in roulette especially it is very easy to. Probability Theory deals with uncertainty not certainty. Roulette,.These standards provide numerous enhancements for advancing the quality and communication capacity for wireless applications.However, the data base management system functionality incorporated into the location signature data base 1320 is an important aspect of the present disclosure, and is therefore described in this section.

Of course, hybrids between the first two embodiments can also be provided.In particular, the CDMA signals are separately detected in a receiver by using a correlator, which accepts only signal energy from the selected binary sequence and despreads its spectrum.Alternatively, if for example, the difference between a previous location estimate of a target MS and a current location hypothesis indicates that the MS is.That is, the steps of this function may be performed only periodically (e.g., once a week), for each FOM and each area type thereby precomputing the output for this function.In this case, LOS and non-LOS clutter were considered for a given microcell site.Accordingly, the following high level program segment illustrates the aggregate confidence adjustment value computed by the Analytical Reasoner Controller.Alternatively, in one embodiment of the present disclosure, the present function may be used for determining when it is desirable to update repeatable loc sigs in a particular area (instead of automatically and periodically updating such repeatable loc sigs).Indoor localization of mobile devices US8593280 14 jul. 2010 26 nov. 2013 Savi Technology, Inc.

That is, these confidences will be increased by a confidence adjustment value or delta.Furthermore, such signal analysis techniques are likely predicated on certain very general assumptions that can not fully account for signal attenuation and multipath due to a particular radio coverage area topography.In one embodiment, this program is invoked primarily by the Signal Processing Subsystem.For example, such system parameters as those used for determining the size of a geographical area to be specified when retrieving location signal data of known MS locations from the historical (location signature) data base can substantially affect the location processing.For example, the FOMs may be object methods on an MS location estimator object, wherein the estimator object receives substantially all target MS location signal data output by the signal filtering subsystem.Further, for each extrapolation entry, there is a most recent baseline entry, B, that is earlier than the extrapolation entry and it is this B from which the extrapolation entry was extrapolated.Location based media items US8334773 15 set. 2009 18 dez. 2012 Deal Magic, Inc.It is well known in the wireless telephony art that the phenomenon of signal multipath and shadow fading renders most analytical location computational techniques such as time-of-arrival (TOA) or time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) substantially useless in urban areas and particularly in dense urban areas.Accordingly, each MBS 148 has a plurality of MBS location estimators (or hereinafter also simply referred to as location estimators) for determining the location of the MBS.

Alternatively in another embodiment, note that the collection C may be determined from (i) the existing engineering and planning data from service providers who are planning wireless cell sites, or (ii) service provider test data obtained using mobile test sets, access probes or other RF field measuring devices.Predicting the outcome of roulette. velocity, and acceleration is sufficient to predict the outcome with adequate certainty to achieve a positive.Accordingly, this figure illustrates the interconnections between the components, for example, of a wireless cellular communication network, such as, a typical PCS network configuration and various components that are specific to an embodiment of the present disclosure.Get this from a library! Luck, logic, and white lies: the mathematics of games. [Jörg Bewersdorff] -- "Using probability theory, the theory of combinatorial games.

In the case of a mobile station with a certain amount of shadow fading between its BS 122 ( FIG. 2 ), the first finger of a CDMA delay spread signal is most likely to be a relatively shorter duration than the case where the mobile station 140 and BS 122 are separated by a greater distance, since shadow fading does not materially affect the arrival time delay of the radio signal.The location track head is the most recent (and presumably the most accurate) MBS location estimate residing in the location track.For example, the deadreckoning MBS location estimator may be reset when an MBS operator manually enters an MBS location or verifies an MBS location, or a computed MBS location has sufficiently high confidence.Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that a novel aspect of the present invention is the simultaneous use or activation of a potentially large number of such first order models 1224, wherein such FOMs are not limited to those described herein."Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics.". Loc: usa Last seen: 12 days,. roulette wheels hearts ghosts rabbits stars.Sachin Joglekar's blog Programming. finding the best solution with absolute certainty might be. tf.pack( [bmu_loc for i in range (self._n.Due to the substantial benefits of such a location system, several attempts have been made to design and implement such a system.Thus, if the confidence value is, for example, excessively low then the area estimate may be increased as a technique for increasing the confidence value.